Dr. Trenton Langhofer, Clinical Director


Degrees and Certifications:

  • Ph.D. Marriage and Family Therapy (University of Louisiana at Monroe)
  • M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy (Harding University)
  • B.A. Ministry and Leadership (Randall University)

Bio and Professional Achievements:

Dr. Trent Langhofer is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has worked with individuals and families for nearly a decade. Dr. Langhofer is a sought after conference speaker and teacher.  He has lectured nationally and internationally to large audiences on topics that include: adjustment following spiritual conversion, the themes perpetuating marital commitment in conservative protestant couples following infidelity, development of authentic intimacy in relationships, and spiritual growth and development in spiritually mature individuals and families.

In his career, Dr. Langhofer has been the founder or co-founder of multiple agencies centered on treating individuals and families from the communities in which he has lived and worked.  His clinical expertise is broad and includes but is not limited to the treatment of: childhood trauma, substance abuse, sexual dysfunction, marital health, depression, anxiety disorders, and clergy misconduct.

For the past decade Dr. Langhofer has also been employed as a teaching pastor, co-pastor, or lead pastor.  His experience in ministry helps him integrate spirituality into clinical treatment in helpful, meaningful ways.  The leadership experience Dr. Langhofer has gained over the years has been useful in providing leadership consultation to various public and private organizations.

Faith and Learning:

To integrate faith in learning my approach involves three components: first, as a teacher, I must have a meaningful, authentic, personal relationship with Jesus Christ; second, I must promote conceptual understanding through a biblical worldview by linking the principles I teach with scripture, and with current research and practice; third, I must encourage tough questions in the learning process.  Colossians 2:3 says, “In Christ are hidden all treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Truly, epistemology, philosophy, theology, psychology and biology are all rooted in and created by the Lord Jesus.  Education without Jesus is not only empty, but inadequate and incomplete.  At Colorado Christian University, education is rooted in and built upon the foundation of Christ Jesus.  This provides students with truth, certainty, and security in their education and personal lives.  Students that learn through a biblical lens are equipped for handling more than just the pragmatic applications of the concepts they are taught – they can also navigate the higher-order aesthetics of life and development.  Colorado Christian, as a result, will long be a leader in higher education, cultural influence, and spiritual growth. This is what excites me about being involved at Colorado Christian University.